So... what's the deal with glassbox?

Basil, the creator and integrator at Glassbox, has worn many hats across various organizations. In his past life, before getting into product development, Basil used programming as a tool to help teams save time and resources by automating workflows. However, the lack of accessibility to scripts made it difficult for his non-technical colleagues to leverage them in their day-to-day work. 

Fast forward a few years later, Basil's product development skills helped him set up custom Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP applications to bring the accessibility of the web to the various teams with automation scripts. However, these applications became a nightmare to maintain and update as the needs of the business evolved. 😣

Glassbox was born out of Basil's own frustrations of running these applications. All of these applications had one thing in common — they helped team members with data inputs to get specific data outputs to perform their daily tasks. Glassbox bridges this gap not only for users who want to build automation but also for those who want to be able to leverage automations scripts without ever having to install a terminal on their PC. 🙌
Alright, where do I sign up?

How is this glassbox from Zapier,, Parabola and other workflow automation tools? 🤔

Most of the existing workflow automation tools offer pre-built integrations with their current partners. Although all of them may provide some aspect of running JavaScript or Python custom code, they offer very little customizability and flexibility when they are used across teams. Glassbox focuses on team collaboration and provides the same flexibility to run custom tasks with raw ruby code across organizations of any size.

What are some examples of custom workflows being used in glassbox?

  • Manipulating large and complex CSVs
  • Data migrations for various platforms using REST APIs 
  • Uploading videos into a platform using their API (no partner integration required)
  • Extracting data from a REST API and saving it to an easy to read CSV
  • Generating a custom JSON file to be used in multiple implementation projects
  • Web scraper to get data from a site daily
  • Creating CSVs for keywords to be used in Amazon Ads campaign management
  • Browser automation to login and perform a specified task
  • And many more ...

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Glassbox is a workflow and task automation tool built for teams with a focus on customizability and versatility.

Basil, creator of Glassbox, is a systems integrator at heart who is passionate about empowering teams and organizations through the development of integrations, automation, and education in technology. He hopes to share this passion through empowering, teaching, and collaborating with teams. 🙇‍♂️

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