Yes, Glassbox supports CSV outputs!
March 02, 2020
Happy Monday! 😎

It has been an awesome week getting early feedback from people who signed up for early access private beta. We hope to have the app ready for full release in the next couple of months or so. Until then, hang tight for an invite (and sign up if you haven't already). πŸ˜‰

I wanted to showcase some more exciting capabilities of Glassbox. Last week, we did some basic JSON parsing to get some product summaries for a Shopify store for pricing and product counts. Piece of cake, right? 🍰 Let's take it up a notch and download all the data from a Shopify store. 😲

And yes... this time we have included the code module snippets below. If you liked the video from last week, you're going to love this one. Check it out! 🎬

I built a sample Shopify store for this exercise and you can check it out here: When the output from your code module is an array of arrays, Glassbox automatically converts it into a CSV. 🀯 I have also included the code module in the form of a Github gist below. πŸ˜‰You can also view the sample output in a Google Sheet.

Gist for downloading Shopify store products using Glassbox

Let's try something different. What if we wanted to download all the image URLs for a store? πŸ€” Let's slightly modify the same snippet to download a CSV with the URLs for all the images. πŸ–Ό Check out the ruby code module code on the Github gist below. You can also view what the product images data for that Shopify store looks like here.

Gist for downloading Shopify product image data using Glassbox

We had a lot of fun automating this task and hope you did too. Stay tuned for more videos and long-form tutorials in the next few weeks. 

Happy automating! πŸ› 

- Basil Khan
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